Hendricks River Logistics (HRL) has received a multi-year contract with Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC) transloading coal for their Genoa Station in Genoa, Wisconsin.

“Our intent is to provide DPC with the reliable service that HRL is known for and get their coal to their plant as efficiently and safely as possible,” explains General Manager Shawn Duer. “We are excited about this partnership with DPC and hope to continue the partnership well into the future.” Duer also notes that the contract with DPC will increase HRL’s workforce and almost double its annual throughput.

About Hendricks River Logistics, LLC

Strategically located on the Mississippi River, adjacent to the BNSF Railroad Main Line in Keokuk, Iowa, HRL provides unit-train to barge transloading and transshipment services including rapid unloading and loading, dust collection and suppression, storage, and stockpiling. The company is the closest terminal to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming allowing its users to minimize transportation costs.

About Dairyland Power Cooperative

Dairyland Power Cooperative, formed in December 1941, is a generation and transmission cooperative (otherwise known as a G&T) that supplies electricity on a wholesale basis to 25 locally owned distribution cooperatives and 20 municipal utilities in the Dairyland system. These cooperative and municipals, in turn, supply the energy needs of more than half a million people in 62 counties in five states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan).