Company Profile: Northstar Medical Technologies


George Messina, President & Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Merrick, Senior V.P. and COO
James Harvey, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer
Chris Garver, Chief Financial Officer
Scott Moffatt, Vice President

NorthStar Medical Technologies, LLC was founded in 2004 to develop new technologies and production methodologies in the nuclear medicine market for Molybdenum-99 (“Mo-99”) and other medically significant radioisotopes. Technetium-99m (“Tc-99m”), a daughter isotope of Mo-99, is used in over 50,000 diagnostic procedures performed daily in the United States and all of the Mo-99 used to produce Tc-99m is currently imported into the U.S. from foreign sources.

NorthStar has developed technologies to produce low specific activity (LSA) Mo-99 without using enriched uranium as the source material. The company’s process utilizes a stable non-radioactive isotope of molybdenum (Molybdenum-98) that produces significantly less hazardous waste as a by-product and completely avoids any of the issues associated with use of uranium. NorthStar then produces Tc-99m from the Mo-99, utilizing the company’s proprietary TechneGen Generator System. The TechneGen Generator System facilitates the production, purification and handling of the parent-daughter radioisotope pair Mo-99/Tc-99m to produce high purity solutions of Tc-99m.

In addition to Mo-99, NorthStar is currently developing technologies to produce other medically significant radioisotopes, including actinium-225 (whose daughter bismuth-213 is considered a promising cancer therapeutic and is also a possible therapy for HIV), actinium-227 (for the treatment of metastatic bone cancer from Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer), and tungsten-188 (for the treatment of melanoma).

Hendricks Holding Company is a significant investor in NorthStar.

"Over the past seven years NorthStar has developed a patent portfolio of over a dozen patents and licenses for the nuclear medicine market. NorthStar's strengths are its ability to bring technology to bear in providing technical solutions in this market that have been overlooked for the past 10 to 15 years. NorthStar's ability to provide creative, state of the art technical solutions to the nuclear medicine market is simply defined by NorthStar's tag line: Enabling the future of nuclear medicine!"

— George P. Messina, President & CEO

NorthStar Medical Technologies

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