Company Profile: Henry Technologies Holdings


Michael Hough, President & CEO
Terry Leung, Chief Financial Officer
Alex Barclay, Vice President of Operations & Engineering (Americas)
Sandy MacDonald, Managing Director (Henry Technologies - Scotland)
Peter Lang, Managing Director (Heldon Products - Australia)
Steven Tan, General Manager (Henry Technologies - Signapore)

Henry Technologies Holdings, LLC is a global holding company with subsidiaries that manufacture and market products for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries and process plant heating and cooling applications. The company, through its Henry Valve, AC&R, and Heldon product lines, offers a full line of valves, oil flow control, and refrigerant management products; Henry’s Chil-Con product line features heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

With manufacturing facilities and operating subsidiaries or affiliates in Chatham, Illinois; Brantford, Ontario, Canada; Glasgow, Scotland; Melbourne, Australia; Singapore; and Taizhou, China, Henry Technologies markets its products worldwide to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), wholesalers, and contractors.

“Henry Technologies has one of the broadest component product portfolios in the commercial refrigeration industry, including refrigerant and oil flow control products, safety valves, chillers and condensers. We also serve the oil, gas, petrochemical, mining and industrial refrigeration markets as a world-class fabricator of complex heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Our ability to serve our customers on a global basis is enhanced by our regional manufacturing operations in the US, Canada, Scotland, Australia and China, and extensive sales and customer support.”

— Michael Hough, President

Henry Technologies Holdings

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