Company Profile: GEM Pharmaceuticals


Arthur Klausner, Chief Executive Officer
Gerald M. Walsh, Ph.D., President and COO
Richard D. Olson, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer

Gem Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary anthracycline derivatives specifically designed to eliminate the critical cardiotoxicity side effect of this powerful class of chemotherapeutics while maintaining their well-documented anti-cancer efficacy. In so doing, Gem effectively transforms traditional broad-spectrum cytotoxic drugs into modern – and biochemically targeted – anti-cancer agents that hold the potential for higher dosing and correspondingly improved therapeutic utility.

Hendricks Holding Co. is a significant investor in Gem.

"Our Phase 2 clinical study in sarcoma patients is designed to confirm that GPX-150 is less toxic than doxorubicin, and also to demonstrate that the ability to dose GPX-150 for a longer period of time than dox will potentially allow for improved efficacy in this difficult-to-treat, orphan-sized cancer population.”

— Arthur Klausner, CEO

GEM Pharmaceuticals

941 Lake Forest Circle Birmingham, AL 35244