Company Profile: Beloit Art Foundry





Beloit Art Foundry is a full service fine art casting foundry specializing in bronze, aluminum and silver castings.  The foundry manufactures and distributes limited-edition sculpture to customers worldwide, including fine art galleries, institutions, private collectors and civic organizations. Subjects can vary greatly from nature-inspired concepts to portraiture. Beloit Art Foundry can cast any size work from tabletop size to monumental. From sculptural enlargement, professional silicone rubber molds and masterful patinas, to custom fabricating, Beloit Art Foundry delivers superior craftsmanship at competitive prices. Beloit Art Foundry also offers bronze conservation and restoration services. 

Beloit Art Foundry strives for beauty and excellence in the cast metal arts."


Beloit Art Foundry

1431 Manchester Street Beloit, WI 53511

T (608) 365-5602 |