Hendricks Holding Company’s citizenship efforts are strongly aligned with our strategic business priorities and integral to every decision we make and everything we do. We want to have a positive and enduring impact on our communities. We believe that good citizenship is more than just our responsibility — it is essential to the success of our businesses.

For example, we are spurring economic growth by unleashing the power of private enterprise through economic initiatives and organizations such as Rock County 5.0, Forward Janesville, Beloit 2020 and other important civic groups. In addition, we have invested in medical breakthroughs that will alleviate human suffering. And in our celebration of the arts, we have provided a beautifully renovated performing arts center for Beloit College students, and we have financed films that aim to impact our society and the broader world. In these and many other ways, Hendricks Holding Company actively strives to enhance the communities in which we work and live.

In 2001, Ken and Diane Hendricks acquired over a million square feet of vacant industrial and office real estate in Beloit, breathing new life into the local business community. In addition, the Hendrickses completely rehabilitated the riverfront, making Rock River a source of pride for the local community.