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We honor our entrepreneurial roots by supporting companies that embrace the American dream, believe in hard work, and giving back to their communities.

Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. (HHC) is a private investment firm that invests in and supports a diverse portfolio of financially strong and sustainable companies. We provide our companies with the resources and support they need to reach their business goals and deliver best-in-class services to their respective industries.


We believe that by investing in strong companies, we can help them grow and succeed. We also believe that by supporting our companies, we can help them create jobs, boost the economy, and make a positive impact on the world.


Diane and Ken Hendricks started their business journey in the early 1970s in Beloit, Wisconsin. They invested in real estate and owned and operated a growing roofing company. In 1982, they founded American Builders & Contractors Supply Co., Inc. (ABC Supply) by utilizing knowledge gained from their roofing business to respond to a need in the industry. Their guiding principle was to treat contractors with respect and provide them with the products and services they needed to build their businesses.


ABC Supply has revolutionized the roofing material distribution business since its founding. Today, ABC Supply is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing products in the United States and one of the largest distributors of siding, windows, and other select exterior and interior building products, tools, and related supplies.


In 2001, Diane and Ken established Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. HHC is a continuation of Diane and Ken's dreams and a representation of their combined visions. The businesses and associates share a passion for Diane and Ken's values to pursue the American dream. The core values include respect, opportunity, work hard - have fun, entrepreneurial spirit, family, give back, and American pride.


In 2007, Diane lost her husband, Ken, in a tragic accident. Despite this tragedy, Diane has continued to dream big as Chairman of ABC Supply and Hendricks Holding Company, Inc.

Diane headshot.jpg

Today, Diane remains motivated by doing big and impactful projects that create a positive and lasting legacy for the Hendricks Family.

Diane is passionate about education and civic responsibility, including a steadfast commitment to the Beloit community, which serves as the headquarters for ABC Supply and Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. 

She considers her patriotic and conservative values of high importance, and is dedicated to preserving the founding principles of the United States of America — the greatest country in human history.



The Executive Leadership Team at Hendricks Holding Company, Inc.

HHC-11 (1).jpg

Diane Hendricks

Chairman of the Board


Brent Fox

President and Chief Executive Officer


Karl Leo

Vice President & Chief Legal Officer


Ned Moser

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Coulter

Chief Investment Officer


Scott Bianchini

Chief Compliance Officer

Aaron Walsh

Portfolio Manager

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