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Health Care
Conducting groundbreaking research and utilizing cutting edge technologies we seek to achieve better health for people around the world.
We deliver the products and services that give businesses the peace of mind needed to succeed.
Recycling & Sustainability
Using innovative new technologies we work to respect and protect our environment.
Real Estate/Construction
With over 15 million square feet of real estate throughout the U.S., we are built on a strong foundation for further growth.
Transportation & Logistics
By truck, van, train and barge, our transportation and logistics companies move the materials, supplies and cargo that help keep the economy running.
Community Business
Our local businesses enhance the community's quality of life — here where it all started in Beloit, Wisconsin.
Other Investments
Across the globe we make investments that have the power to change the world.

Working together to create value

Latest News

Founded by Ken and Diane Hendricks, and rooted in Beloit, Wisconsin, Hendricks Holding Co. includes a diverse portfolio of businesses. We commit our financial resources and expertise to growth-oriented, well-positioned companies with innovative management and strong organizational values.
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that started it all.
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